An all-in-one HR People Operations Management system for every business size and industry.

AutomotoHR brings all of your HR People Operation functions together into one convenient place, making it effortless to handle every aspect of the employee journey from hiring to training and beyond. So take the leap and redefine the workplace experience with the features you need.

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Efficient PEOPLE OPERATIONS Enhance employee self-service and engagement and reduce the administrative burden.

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Comprehensive RECRUITMENT Source, track, and manage candidates on one platform and Collaborate with hiring teams for better faster decision-making.

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Seamless HR ELECTRONIC ONBOARDING Accelerate time-to-productivity for new hires and Create personalized onboarding experiences.

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Robust EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Manage employee records, performance, and development.

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Automated PAYROLL system Eliminate manual payroll tasks and reduce errors. Integrate Scheduling, Timekeeping, PTO and Payroll into a seamless process.

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Ensuring COMPLIANCE Automate compliance tracking and reporting and Minimize compliance risks and potential penalties.


Recruit, Onboard, Manage and Pay all of your Employees in one place. Hire to Retire Talent Management platform.


With an advanced Fully Featured Career Website, Recruiting tools, discover and Onboard the right talent faster.

Unlock the Power of AutomotoHR: Building Your Dream Team Made Easy

Are you ready to revolutionize your hiring process and assemble an exceptional team effortlessly? Look no further than AutomotoHR – your ultimate hiring solution!

AutomotoHR is designed to streamline the recruitment journey, enabling you to discover, assess, and onboard top talent swiftly and seamlessly. Our advanced Fully Featured Career website, complemented by powerful recruiting tools, puts the future of talent acquisition at your fingertips.

Key Features:

1. Impeccable Applicant Tracking: Say goodbye to the chaos of managing candidate applications. Our intuitive platform offers a robust applicant tracking system that helps you stay organized and focused on the most promising candidates.

2. Automated HR: AutomotoHR takes the hassle out of HR management. Our automated HR solutions simplify tasks such as payroll, compliance, and record-keeping, allowing you to focus on strategic HR initiatives.

3. Electronic Self Onboarding: Onboarding has never been smoother. AutomotoHR offers a user-friendly electronic onboarding process, ensuring that new hires get up to speed quickly while reducing administrative burdens.

4. Employee Management Dashboard: Gain complete control and visibility over your team's performance and development. Our Employee Management Dashboard provides real-time insights into your workforce, empowering you to make informed decisions.

With AutomotoHR, you'll be able to hire and manage exceptional teams like a seasoned pro. Transform your recruitment process, save valuable time, and build your dream team with ease. Say hello to AutomotoHR and say goodbye to hiring hassles.

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One platform for Time Tracking, Benefits, Scheduling and Payroll to simplify your workload.

Introducing AutomotoHR: Your All-in-One HR Solution for Streamlined Time Tracking, Benefits Management, and Payroll

Tired of juggling multiple HR tasks with different software solutions? Say hello to AutomotoHR, your ultimate solution for simplifying HR processes.

Our revolutionary platform offers you the power to effortlessly set up Geo-fenced job site locations, manage Employee Scheduling, track PTO and hours worked with precision, and seamlessly process payroll—all from a single, user-friendly interface. No more double data entry, no more manual approval headaches—just a smooth and hassle-free journey toward accurate payroll management, benefiting both you and your valued employees.

AutomotoHR is more than just software; it's your trusted partner in optimizing HR efficiency, ensuring pinpoint accuracy, and giving you back precious time to focus on what truly matters—growing your business and supporting your dedicated workforce. Experience the ease of consolidated HR management with AutomotoHR. Welcome to a new era of HR simplicity.

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People Operations

Managing your People Operations has never been this easy and friendly

Imagine a world where you can effortlessly handle everything from employee onboarding to payroll management with ease. AutomotoHR brings this vision to life, simplifying the complex world of HR tasks and making your life as an HR professional more enjoyable.

Navigating through the platform is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface and straightforward controls.
You can easily access and organize employee data, track time and attendance, manage benefits, and even stay compliant with employment regulations - all from one centralized hub.
But AutomotoHR is more than just a tool; it's your trusted partner.
It helps you build stronger relationships with your team members by streamlining communication and fostering a positive workplace culture.
With automated processes and insightful analytics, you'll have more time to focus on what truly matters – your people.
So, say goodbye to the hassles of HR management and say hello to the future with AutomotoHR.
It's not just a platform; it's the friendly companion you've been waiting for to take your HR operations to the next level.

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Maximize Productivity: Prevent Scheduling Conflicts with AutomotoHR's PTO Solution

Transform your approach to managing employee absences with AutomotoHR's comprehensive Vacation and Paid Time Off (PTO) solution.

Our platform simplifies the tracking, allocation, and compensation of various forms of paid leave, including vacations, sick days, and more. Say goodbye to manual leave management processes and hello to a streamlined, efficient system.

Here's how AutomotoHR can revolutionize your leave management:

1. Easy Request and Approval: Employees can effortlessly request paid time off through our user-friendly interface. Managers can then review and approve requests with ease, ensuring that leave aligns with your company's specific policies and guidelines.

2. Transparent Leave Balances: Visualize your employees' leave balances in real-time, allowing for better planning and resource allocation. This transparency helps both employees and managers make informed decisions about time off.

3. Seamless Integration: The AutomotoHR solution offers an effortless integration of your Employee scheduling system, PTO, and Time Clock, ensuring uninterrupted operations. By synchronizing leave requests with your work schedules, you can uphold productivity and proactively avoid scheduling conflicts.

4. Customizable Policies: AutomotoHR allows you to tailor your leave policies to your organization's unique needs. Whether you have specific accrual rates, rollover rules, or blackout periods, our platform can accommodate your requirements.

5. Compliance and Reporting: Ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations by using our reporting features. Generate detailed reports on leave usage, making it easy to track employee attendance and stay compliant with labor laws.

By implementing AutomotoHR's Vacation, Time Clock, Employee Scheduling and PTO management solution, you can modernize your leave management processes, reduce administrative burdens, and create a more efficient and organized approach to handling employee absences and schedules.

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Enhance Engagement and Satisfaction with Employee Experience Solutions

Creating an exceptional workplace environment starts with prioritizing your employees' development and well-being. At AutomotoHR, we provide you with a powerful suite of tools designed to elevate your employee experience and drive performance.

Our comprehensive solutions enable you to gather valuable feedback, enhance employee satisfaction, and foster personal and professional growth within your organization. By actively engaging with your workforce, you can create a dynamic and thriving workplace culture that not only retains your current talent but also attracts top professionals to join your ranks.

With AutomotoHR, you can cultivate an environment where employees are empowered to excel, contributing to the success and growth of your organization. Elevate your workplace experience, boost employee engagement, and unlock the full potential of your team with our innovative solutions.

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Full Company Career Website

Your Logo, Your Culture, Your Career Site – Fully Customizable and Automatic!

Brace yourself for a game-changer – AutomotoHR is here to ignite your hiring process with pure awesomeness!
We're talking about a dazzling Customizable Full-Company Career Website tailored uniquely to your business, showcasing all of your incredible job openings.
And guess what? This digital dynamo doesn't just sit around – it updates automatically!
You can even completely Customize it with your brand's colors and image – pop in your logo, images, videos and website links and watch the magic happen.
But here's the kicker – sharing your job opportunities on all of the social media and top-tier job boards is also a piece of cake.

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