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An all-in-one HR People Operations Management system for every business size and industry.

AutomotoHR brings all of your HR People Operation functions together into one convenient place, making it effortless to handle every aspect of the employee journey from hiring to training and beyond. So take the leap and redefine the workplace experience with the features you need.

Efficient PEOPLE OPERATIONS Enhance employee self-service and engagement and reduce the administrative burden.

Comprehensive RECRUITMENT Source, track, and manage candidates on one platform and Collaborate with hiring teams for better faster decision-making.

Seamless HR ELECTRONIC ONBOARDING Accelerate time-to-productivity for new hires and Create personalized onboarding experiences.

Robust EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Manage employee records, performance, and development.

Automated PAYROLL Systems Eliminate manual payroll tasks and reduce errors. Integrate Scheduling, Timekeeping, PTO and Payroll into a seamless process.

Ensuring COMPLIANCE Automate compliance tracking and reporting and Minimize compliance risks and potential penalties.

Finding Possible Solutions

Are you struggling with Paper Documents or disconnected systems and dispersed staff data?

Witness how AutomotoHR effortlessly simplifies intricate processes, and delivers exceptional results that surpass your expectations and helps your business thrive.

Effortlessly centralize employee data & gain actionable insights.

Empower remote and secure access to essential information, impacting the ability to make informed decisions and collaborate effectively.

Identify, hire, and onboard top-tier talent without any hassle.

Streamline payroll, track hours, and manage benefits with ease.

Analyze employee satisfaction & performance through surveys.

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  • Would you like to Simplify your HR and People Operations?
    See how AutomotoHR saves you time and money by combining multiple systems into one complete HR platform.

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